Why learn to Switch Putt?


Because  you want to make more putts and especially have more fun playing the game of golf.

 You should try switch putting if you have difficulty with slice putts, or maybe you are just not a very good right-handed putter. The problems with your right-handed putting may lie in the your putting stroke [the yips] or possibly from a vision or an dominant eye problem. Many right-handed players find out that they are actually better left-handed putters. Learning to putt left-handed is much easier than most people think that it is going to be. Once you get comfortable with the putting grip left-handed, the rest is fairly easy.

Start with the short left to right putts. Remember 10% or 1 out of every 10 strokes is a left to right putt of 6 feet or less. Those little putts that break away from right-handers are one of the major putting weaknesses for most golfers. When you make 3 or 4 extra short putts it not only lowers your scores but makes you golf much more fun. Buying a Magic Putter will give you the ability to putt any putt from inside the arc of the putt while standing on the low side of the ball.

Think of left-handed putting as another arrow in your quiver. A legal 15th club in your bag. The dual options of the Magic putter can be used in whatever way the owner decides. Once you are comfortable putting both left and right-handed, the game of golf becomes so much more interesting and enjoyable.





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