Push & Pull Putts


Switch putting: A Greater margin for error: Pulled or pushed putts.

When you switch putt, you always stand below the ball and inside the arc of all your single breaking putts. As a switch putter, all your pushed putts will be pushed toward the high side or the slow lane of the Magic lane. Your pulled putts will be pulled into the fast lane at a slightly faster pace. Each of these mishits will still often go in the hole.

The key is aiming into the pure roll middle lane. Switch putters make a lot of their pulled and pushed short putts. This is where proper technique truly saves strokes. 


Right-handed: left to right putt= Less margin for error: Pulled or pushed putts.

Players that stand above the ball and outside of the arc rarely make any of their pushed or pulled putts. Their pushed putts while putting from above the ball almost never go in the hole. Gravity is not your friend when you start your breaking putts too low. These low side misses are the cause of many of the early walks you see when the player knows they missed their putt on the low side of the hole. [Left diagram below]

When you stand above the ball your pulled putts are also a problem. This is because pulled putts are usually hit too firmly and go above the cup with too much pace and never slow down to break enough to go into the hole. [Right diagram below]


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