Mishits off the Toe


Switch putting: A Greater margin for error: Miss-hits off the Toe.

Putting the ball off of the toe of the putter has been known to be a useful way to help control your speed on downhill putts.  By playing the ball off of the sweet spot of the putter, the player is intentionally miss-hitting the putt. When you putt the ball toward the toe side of the sweet spot, less energy is imparted to the ball helping the player to hit a softer putt.

Putting the ball off of the toe is a very effective method of putting when you are standing on the low side of the ball and inside the arc of the putt. [switch putting] That is right-handed on right to left putts and left-handed on the left to right putts. [pictured below]  When you putt from the low side of the ball, the toe always opens to the high or safe side of the putt. 




Downhill Slice putts: Putts off of the Toe: Dangerous 

We do not recommend using the toe on slice putts. Slice putts off of the toe of the putter have a tendency to dive below the double yellow low line. Once your ball crosses the low lines, each and every turn of the ball moves it further and further away from the cup. 

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