History of Switch Putting


SWITCH PUTTING  was invented in 1985 by TIM HOLMAN and BRIAN STACK with help from Sparky Butler. On June 21, 1985, Brian and Tim wrote the Stack-Holman Theory of Switch Putting. In 1990 they wrote the Art and Science of Switch Putting. The Foreword was written by Roger Maltbie.

Roger Maltbie was our 1st switch putting student to switch putt on the PGA Tour.  Using the original Stack-Holman Switch Putter Roger was reasonably successful when he made the cut in 7 of the 8 events in which he switch-putted. He rolled his ball beautifully, especially considering his lack of practice and game time experience.     

In 1993 after reading a copy of our book, The Art and Science of Switch Putting, Stanford Golf Coach Wally Goodwin invited us to give a switch putting clinic to the Stanford golf team.  One month later on May 10, 1993, on the 15th green at the  Stanford Golf course,  Brian Stack and I tested the team. It was quite a long day with each player putting 150 balls, but it was well worth it because of the very interesting data we gathered. On the left to right putt, 4 of the top 5 players made more putts left-handed than they made with their life long right-handed stroke. This is after less than a month practicing. The proper fundamental position of standing below the ball and inside the arc is proven to be more important than years of experience putting from above the ball.

A couple of months later Notah Begay asked us to teach him to Switch Putt.  Switch putting gave Notah great confidence in his ability to make any putt from anywhere. His improved putting helped him to win 5 college tournaments in the next 2 years, including setting the all-time record for the lowest round in the NCAA Championships, a 10 under par 62, while leading his Stanford Golf team to the 1994 NCAA Championship.

Notah's professional career highlights include the Nationwide record of 13 under 59, numerous course records, and 4 PGA Tour victories. In his prime, he was one of the most beautiful rollers of the golf ball I have ever seen.





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