Magic Putter Questions


Why is it a Magic Putter?

Because you can putt both left and right-handed. Putting both ways helps to open up the pathways in the brain. It is really fun to dazzle your playing partners with your ability to putt both ways. Learning to putt left-handed is so much easier than most people think.

It is also a Magic putter because it can help to cure the yips. Switching to a backhand or left-handed putting stroke is perceived by the brain as a completely new endeavor. Most players with the yips find switching to a backhand stroke solves the problem. Many players with the yips still prefer to putt their longer putts right-handed. The beauty of the Magic putter is that you always have 2 options for a successful putt.


There are 3 choices for your Magic 18 Black PVD, which one do you recommend?

It is strictly personal preference depending on which one looks good to your eye.

The traditional Single Sweet Spot Line model is favored by players that are looking for a simple clean classic look.

The Double SightLine model is an alignment aid for players looking for an enhanced visual set of perpendicular lines. The dual white lines set against the beautiful black PVD coating makes it easy to square up to your line.

For players who want the double line model for the enhanced ability to line up the Magic Putter, but are concerned that the lines may distract them during the stroke. We have found that not to be a problem for most players because their eyes are on the ball during the stroke, not following the putter. 

The Triple Track Line model provides the player a set of visual guard rails that help keep the Magic on the correct path <<<<<O>>>>>

Keeping the putter tracking down the line is extremely important, especially on the short putts.

The principle of putting is to keep the blade square to the line with the blade traveling down the line. The Triple Track Line model helps the visual process of keeping the Magic Putter traveling down the line longer.


Do you really spine every shaft?

Absolutely. Every Magic Putter is spined by hand to ensure the optimum consistent flex every time. Spining the shaft is more important in the Magic Putter because it has been specifically designed to be putted both ways. 




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