Spined Putter Shaft


One of the secrets of why the Magic putter feels so good and putts so consistently is the result of spining the shaft. A spined shaft will have a consistent flex pattern each and every time. The Magic putter starts with a perfectly balanced putter head and then the lighter [109 gram] weighted straight shaft splits the center of the putter head.

The spining allows the shaft to flex uniformly every time. The Magic putter shaft will flex backward and forward the same no matter which way you are putting. In our assembly process we have developed a new spining procedure, which directly enhances the performance of the Magic putter. 

Why don't most manufacturers spine their putters? One reason is they don't care. Most putters are made overseas and they feel it is not cost effective for their business. 

You can only spine a straight shaft. Any bent shaft can not be spined. When a straight shaft is not spined, it will have an inconsistent flex pattern often resulting in more missed putts.




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