Mission Statement


We are dedicated to crafting the finest hand made switch putters.  Invented, built, and in milled in America. Providing all golfers with truly one of the finest and most versatile putters ever produced.



Our vision for the Magic Putter is to make all golfers of the world smile with delight as each putt goes into the bottom of the cup. The Magic putter is a great right-handed putter. It is also a great left-handed putter. We have developed one of the most beautiful and versatile putters ever designed. It has been computer balanced both horizontally and vertically for tremendous stability.

The new sight lines give the player an unobstructed view of both the front and back putting faces of the Magic putter, which allows for perfect alignment every time. This perfectly balanced “Magic Putter” is extremely forgiving on all off-center hits. The Magic putter was designed with maximum heel and toe weighting in mind. This was accomplished by removing weight out the slots at the top of the club. The Magic putter is pure if you hit the 3/4 inch wide sweet spot, but it is also extremely forgiving if you don't.

We then developed and built into every new shaft several revolutionary features that truly give the Magic putter a soft, yet solid feel that will put a smile on your face when you roll the ball. Our goal is to help everyone to improve their game, lower your scores and to truly begin to enjoy your golf again. The Magic putter will bring the magic back into your golf life.

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