Uphill Putting


The benefits of the Magic putter on uphill putts

The Magic 18 putter's heavy head (400 Grams) helps you to get more uphill putts to the hole. 

The Magic putter's perfectly balanced design with its heel and toe weighting are also extremely forgiving on putts that miss the sweet spot. You will make more miss-hit putts.

The momentum from swinging the Magic putter down the line also helps the ball to roll out.



SWITCH PUTTING with the Magic putter:  Turn the weak uphill slice putt into a more aggressive hook putt.


The left to right putt is natural hook putt for the left-handed golfer. The arc of the left-handed putting stroke matches the arc of the left to right putt. Coming from the inside it is easier to release the putter toward the high side of the hole. 


Turning the uphill slice putt into a hook putt immediately increases the players' ability to get the ball to the hole. 


The hook putt like the draw or hook shot creates a more powerful roll of the ball.


When you putt with hook spin, topspin, or overspin, the ball will not only hold the line better but will increase your chances of getting to the hole and making the putt.


The #1 reason for missed uphill putts is not getting the ball to the hole.

I recommend rolling all your uphill putts between 6 & 12" past the hole.

You can't make them all if you leave any short.




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