Short putts with the Magic Putter


The Magic putter was specifically designed for a straight back/straight thru pendulum putting stroke. The basic principle of putting is defined as...

 “The putter blade is stroked down the line the ball is to travel, with the blade square to that line, using the correct amount of force.”

 The perfectly balanced, center-shafted Magic putter swings itself, straight back and straight thru. The Magic's in the momentum and the momentum is from the pendulum stroke. The Magic Putters straight/back straight/thru pendulum style is a simpler and more effective method of putting, especially on the most important shot in golf, the short putts.

The majority of today's putters are end shafted. The very nature of their design necessitates an arcing swinging gate type stroke. They can be manipulated to keep the putter head square to the line, but their natural arc makes it difficult. This is one of the reasons so many golfers with end shafted putters have problems making their short putts.

The Magic putter is simply the easiest putter to square up on short putts. The beauty is in its simplicity. It has a simple straight shaft and heavy [380-400 gm] putter head. The Magic putter is also equally weighted on each side of the shaft for perfect balance. The Magic putter hangs naturally. The effects of gravity help the Magic putter to square itself up every time.

The Magic putter’s two putting faces also provide the player with 2 distinct visual lines to set up perpendicular to the target line. The front face is squared to the target line and the back face provides a 2nd reference point. The two distinct putter faces combined with the sweet spot line make lining up a breeze. Our dual sight line model is especially helpful to players with alignment issues. [pictured above]

The 2015 model Magic Putters Flat sole also assists in the alignment process:  Each Magic putter is custom fitted to the perfect lie angle for the player. This allows the player to set up their Magic Putter the same way every time. All you have to do is set it and forget it.  

Forgiving on miss-hits: Magically make more short miss-hit putts.  

Benefits of a better-balanced putter: Most miss-hit putts toward the heel or toe of the Magic putter will still roll on their intended line. The Magic putter head is computer balanced both vertically and horizontally. A beautifully balanced putter head plus the heel and toe weighting of the Magic putter helps it to resist twisting on all miss-hit putts. Many short putts that were missed with your old putter will now magically hold their line and go in the hole. This increased margin for error will help every golfer, but it can be especially helpful to the higher handicap player who may not always hit the center of the sweet spot.



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