Hold The Putter Firmly


Most golf instructors recommend holding the putter as lightly as possible. Holding the putter lightly works for some golfers. But there are many golfers who have difficulty maintaining their light grip pressure throughout the stroke. They begin their strokes holding the putter as lightly as possible, but sometime during the putting stroke their grip tightens and they miss the putt.

Back in 1985, I met a gentleman who competed professionally on the Putt-Putt circuit. It was his contention was that eighty percent of the professional putters on his circuit held the putter firmly.  He felt that a solid grip contributed to solid putts.

Don’t strangle the putter, but hold on to it with some authority.

We would especially recommend a firmer grip to those golfers who consistently leave their putts short of the hole. Experiment with different grip pressures until you find what works for you. Don’t be surprised if you are more successful using a slightly firmer grip.


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