Benefits of Left Handed Putting



There are a number of additional benefits when you learn to putt left-handed. The #1 benefit of adding left-handed putting to your arsenal of golf shots is that you will make more putts and shoot lower scores and have more fun.

Golf is putting.... when the putts start to go in, it leads to improved confidence and enhanced self-esteem. Once you begin to make more putts and enjoy the game more, and your perception of yourself as a putter and golfer will improve. 

The pathways from the artistic right side of the brain seem to be activated when you start to putt left-handed. Opening these pathways to the right brain also seems to enhance the entire golf experience.  Putting left-handed is just more fun!  Every golfer I have ever taught to putt left-handed ended up with a more beautiful and a more fundamentally sound left-handed putting stroke.

When you change to left-handed putting, the stronger right hand becomes the lead hand in the putting stroke. The more passive left hand just follows along.  The pulling motion of the leading right hand promotes a smoother more gradually accelerating putting stroke. There is very little or no hit coming from the left hand during the stroke. Everyone’s left-handed stroke is so smooth that many have an initial tendency to leave some putts short. They are waiting for the hit impulse which never comes. This is easily cured by slightly firming up your grip or just swinging a little harder.

Another benefit of learning to putt left-handed is that most right-handed golfers are right eye dominant.  When you set up to putt left-handed, the dominant right eye has an unobstructed view of the hole. If you are someone who has difficulty seeing the line right-handed, you may want to check out whether your right eye dominance is part of the problem. 

Putting left-handed can cure the yips. Can't make a putt right-handed? Got the yips? Magically switch to left-handed can not only save the day, but it can also change your whole golf life for the better. 

There are also a surprising number of instances on the course where having the left-handed option will help you escape trouble. I have saved many strokes by hitting the Magic putter left-handed when playing right-handed was difficult or not an option. 


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