How to cure the YIPS



The dreaded yips come in many forms, from the occasional twitch to the total inability to even take the putter back.  The Magic Putter has many anti-yip design features. The Magic Putter has helped a number of players who have a milder case of the yips. The center-shafted Magic putter is designed to swing straight back and straight through with the blade square to the line throughout the stroke.

 The heavier mass of the Magic putter head and the momentum of the straight back/straight through stroke helps to keep the blade traveling down the line longer. This is especially important with the short putts. The Magic putter swings itself a lot like a pendulum. The Magic putter also simplifies putting.

Can using the wrong putter cause the yips?  One of the major causes of the yips is ill-fitting putters. Getting a custom-fitted putter is sound advice for any serious golfer. The number one problem is that many of today's putters are too light and or ill-designed for the task. The majority of today's most popular putters are end shafted. Many are designed to swing on an inside to square to inside arc with the face rotating like a swinging gate. The blade is only square to the line at one point in the stroke. Ball position then becomes extremely important especially on putts in the yip zone. Starting the ball on your chosen line is one of the most important factors in successful short putting.

Any problems with your putting stroke can also be compounded by using a putter which is too light. When you use a light putter you need to supply the majority of the power with your hands, arms, and wrists. There is less momentum in the stroke and less stability at impact with a lighter putter. When you swing a lighter putter you do all the work. The Magic putter will swing itself if you just get it started.

The center-shafted [400 gram] Magic"18" Magic putter feels like it swings itself, straight back and straight through down the line. The momentum from the swinging of the Magic putter is a contributing factor to consistently rolling the ball purely. The many anti-yip design features of the Magic putter have helped numerous players with a milder case of yips to solve their putting problems.





Many right-handed players only have the yips on their short putts. The rest of the time they are fine with putting right-handed.

Once you enter the yip zone, you just switch over to putting left-handed.

Left-handed is the antidote for the right-handed yips.

That is the beauty of the Magic Putter is you always have two options. Many Magic putter owners have solved their problems with the yips by putting the long ones right-handed and the short ones left-handed.  

PUTT IT YOUR WAY.... with The Magic Switch Putter 


OPTION 3.  LEFT-HANDED: Most or full time

The Magic Putters second putting face allows for the true cure for the yips, which is to switch to putting left-handed. The human brain perceives left-handed putting as a completely different activity from right-handed putting.

 The yips do not transfer from your right-handed stroke to your left-handed stroke. The problem right hand is now pulling the stroke, just like a backhand in tennis.

Once you start putting left-handed, there will now be little or no negative interference coming from your brain. This allows you to concentrate solely on rolling the putt, instead of worrying about whether or not you were going to yip it.

 Almost all right-handed players end up with a more structurally sound left-handed putting stroke. Many find they have a much more beautiful left-handed putting stroke. Notah called his left-handed stroke his accuracy stroke. He was deadly on the short left to righters and the straight ones. Buy a Magic Putter and learn to putt left-handed and you can cure the yips once and for all.


 Learning to enjoy golf again

One of the most insidious features of having the yips is that golf is no longer any fun. No matter how many booming drives or great shots to the green you hit, always lurking in the back of your mind is the eventual finish to the hole, which always seems to be a short putt in the yip zone.

Prior to contracting the yips, just thinking about going to the links on your day off would bring a smile to your face. Once you have been afflicted with the yips, you begin to dread even going to the course. It can be extremely embarrassing not being able to make even the simplest of putts. Many golfers have quit the game because of the yips. 

This section of the website gives you a road map to solving what many people have assumed to be an unsolvable problem.... getting rid of the dreaded yips.

We are magically tricking the yips by switching sides. The human brain perceives left-handed putting to be a completely new activity. Once you begin to see how easy it is to roll the ball left-handed with the Magic putter with little or no interference from the yips, the sun will come out and the long nightmare of the yips will finally be over.

The Magic putter brings the fun back to the game of golf... It really is a Magic putter.

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