Cure the YIPS


Playing golf is no longer any fun when you have the yips. As the old saying goes, “The yips; once you have them, you got them” rings true for many golfers with the yips (see cartoon).

The problem is that most golfers with the yips have primarily confined their options for improvement to making adjustments to their flawed right-handed putting strokes.

While these grip changes will help some players, these cures don't work for many players with serious yip problems.

If you are one of those players, you should seriously consider putting left-handed, especially the short ones in the yip zone.

Buy a Magic Putter and learn to putt left-handed.

Putting left-handed is an effective cure for the yips for right-handed golfers. Many players only have the yips on their short putts. The beauty of the Magic putter is that you can putt the long ones right-handed and the short ones left-handed. The Magic putter works great whichever way you choose to use it. 



Nick Faldo stated in 2012… “Technicians, draftsman, and engineers need to go back to the drawing board and develop a putter that “swings itself” better and easier. They need to create a putter that helps alleviate the yips a little better. A putter that swings itself” 

The Magic Putter has been specifically designed to
feel like it SWINGS ITSELF.



PENDULUM BALANCED: The center-shafted Magic putter head is equally weighted on each side of the shaft for superior balance. The Magic Putter is pendulum balanced, not face balanced. The Magic Putter was specifically designed to swing much like a pendulum, straight back and straight through. It is ideal for the straight back/straight through putting stroke.

When you use the straight back/straight thru putting stroke with a center shafted putter, the blade stays essentially square to the line throughout the stroke. The straight back/straight thru putting stroke is a simpler, more fundamentally sound method for putting the most important shot in the game, the short putt.

The magic is in the momentum, the momentum is designed into the Magic Putter. This is one of the reasons why the ball rolls so beautifully and holds the line so well.

Heavier Putters Help

The brand new Magic"18" Magic putter has been redesigned with a heavier head [400 grams].  This is extremely important to those of you who are battling the yips. Heavier putters help.

The heavier head weight promotes increased putter head awareness for better touch and feel. 

The increased weight of the perfectly balanced putter head of the Magic Putter also makes it very stable at impact. 

Heel and toe weighted for maximum forgiveness: The Magic Putters putter head with its heel and toe weighting helps it to resist twisting on all off-center hits.

On the short putts where the direction is at a premium, many of your miss-hits off of the heel and will toe will still hold their line and go into the hole.

The beauty of the Magic Putter on the longer putts is that there is very little loss of distance or direction when you miss-hit your putt to either side of the sweet spot. 

 The legendary forgiveness of the Magic Putter is one of the great features designed into every Magic putter.


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