Enjoy the Magic!

The Magic Putter is a HIGH-QUALITY HEEL & TOE WEIGHTED two-sided putter.

YOU CHOOSE your favorite Magic Putter head, shaft length, shaft color, lie angle, and grip.

Each and every Magic Putter is CUSTOM BUILT to the customer's specifications.

All orders will be processed within 24hrs. and custom-built within 48 hours.

BENEFITS of having your Magic Putter custom built.

1. All Magic Putter shafts are SPINED by hand for a consistent flex every time. 

2. LEAD POWDER and FOAM are added to the shaft, giving the Magic Putter its sweet soft feel.

3. Every Magic Putter is HAND MADE IN AMERICA. 

Any Questions or special orders?  Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The best choice for players that want the advantages of a two-sided putter.

It all starts with a hefty [400 gramperfectly balanced two-sided putter head.

The Magic Putter's center shaft + gravity help it to hang perfectly square every time.

Every Magic Putter is Heel & Toe weighted for maximum forgiveness on your off-center miss-hits.

The Magic Putter swings a lot like a pendulum:  Straight back<<<<<O>>>>>Straight thru



Magic "18" Black PVD  $249

PGA Tour-inspired beautiful no-glare black PVD coating 

MAGIC '18'  SINGLE SWEET SPOT LINE  [Pictured on the far left] 

A simple clean classic look 

MAGIC '18'  DOUBLE SIGHT LINES  [Center picture]  

A favorite of players with alignment issues  

MAGIC '18'  TRIPLE TRACK LINES [Pictured on the far right]

Visual guard rails help keep the Magic Putter on the correct path>>>>>>>

 Order Black PVD Today





Magic 18 - 4 views

Magic "18" Silver Stainless $229 

The Silver Stainless Steel model is for the players that prefer the look and feel of stainless steel.

Each head is tour-level bead blasted on top to minimize glare.

The Magic "18" putters have a slightly taller profile and a wider sweet spot bridge for a more consistently solid feel. 

The Magic "18" models are very forgiving on your off-center hits.

The Silver Stainless Steel model is basically bulletproof, a great option for players with an aversion to using a headcover.

With 3 degrees of loft on each side and a new and improved milling pattern, they are great putters for any condition or speed of the green.


The Magic "18" models are a fantastic all-around putter. 

Order Magic "18" Silver Stainless Today 




Magic Putter Testimonials

 Comments from new Magic "18" owners.

May 31, 2021, While playing golf yesterday a man was admiring my Magic Putter. I told him how much I love my Magic Putter and that I can putt left or right-handed and also use it to get out of trouble. It has been 6 or 7 years since I got my Magic Putter and it still looks like new. I have changed all my clubs a number of times but I will not give up my Magic Putter! Julian Love, Corona

"I received my Magic "18" Putter today. I now believe in Love at 1st sight" 

"Even if the putter you sent me was a one-sided putter, then the Magic Putter would still be the best putter I've ever owned" 

"I am SO HAPPY with the Magic putter. I appreciate the quality of the materials and the precision of the workmanship."

"I love the feel. It is so cool to be able to putt either right or left-handed"

With your help, "I have now turned all those terrifying slice putts into stress-free hook putts. "Like I said, "it feels like I am cheating... or perhaps I've found the key to a treasure chest that I never knew existed." Billy Beroo

Gavin Sayer UK  Putters arrived today. "I have to tell you that I am blown away by the feel, look, balance, and quality of these putters."  "I love the weight and balance of them. It feels like a pendulum action where little can go wrong. I can see a whole new golf career that is yip-free." Many thanks, a happy Magic putter convert. Gavin  

Tucson, Arizona  Brian wanted to order the same putter we purchased in October.  We wanted to share with you that Brian won his flight in this year's Skyline C.C. Club Championship. The Magic putter's left-handed side has helped him to eliminate the yips on his short putts. He putts the short ones left-handed and the long ones right-handed. Thanks again,  Dee Dee Huffer 

Hume, England "I just wanted to tell you that the Magic putter has been a success" The accuracy of my new left-handed stroke is superb. No more yips on the short putts.  

I love my Magic putter...  Jeremy Morris

"My new Magic putter plus your info about the Magic lane has helped my understanding and my confidence on all my breaking putts."

 If you want to learn one of the secrets to making more breaking putts, check out The Magic Lane.




The Magic putter is twice the fun.


Your Magic putter is essentially a legal 15th club in your bag:

 One of the great advantages of all Magic Putters is the unique option of being able to putt either right or left-handed. Conventional single-sided putters dictate where you must stand on every putt. With the Magic Putter, you will always have 2 options. Even players that choose to use the Magic Putter primarily right-handed will gain the numerous benefits of the left-handed option.

The practical advantages of having a left-handed option in your bag are numerous. Left-handed putting gives you a completely different angle of attack, not only on the greens but anywhere on the course. My own favorite is putting the left to right breaking putts left-handed from collection areas.

The left-handed option can be used to your advantage to save strokes on a daily basis.

Another great advantage of becoming a solid left-handed putter is that it can take the pressure off of your right-handed putting stroke. The Magic putter gives you the left-handed option that you can go to if you are struggling with your right-handed putting.

Learning to putt left-handed is much easier than most people think.  

The secret is opening your mind to the possibilities... that's when the fun begins.

Magic Putter Cures the Yips

The Magic Putter is the anti-yips putter that golfers need.

The Magic putters' left-handed option can cure your yips.

 The yips rarely transfer from your right-handed putting stroke to your left-handed putting stroke. The human brain views right and left-handed putting as two completely different endeavors, which they are.

Right-handed and left-handed putting are similar in many ways, but when you change the direction of the putting stroke, you use the muscles of the hands, wrists, and arms in a completely different manner. It is just like a backhand in tennis uses these same muscles differently than a forehand.

 I believe there are many right-handed golfers who would be much better putters if they switched to putting left-handed.

There have been numerous PGA Tour players who played tee to green right-handed and putted left-handed. Mac O'Grady, Jim Nelford, Jerry Hass, and Blaine McCallister were right-handed players that putted left-handed. 

Most right-handed players are also right-eye dominant. Many right-eye dominant right-handed putters have difficulty seeing the line. Once you turn around and putt left-handed, they tend to see the line easier because they have an unobstructed view of the hole. If you have difficulty 

Many right-handed golfers have the yips only on their short putts. Many of these players will still prefer to putt right-handed on some of their longer putts. One of the most popular options for Magic putter owners is to putt the long ones right-handed and the short ones left-handed.

The Magic putter provides every owner the opportunity to be an ambidextrous master putter.

The Magic putter has been helping to cure the yips since 2012, one happy golfer at a time.

It must really be a Magic putter if it can cure the yips.

Learn "How To cure the Yips"





My name is Tim Holman. In 1985 Brian Stack and I wrote the Stack-Holman Theory of Switch Putting. Five years later in 1990, we wrote the Art and Science of Switch Putting, with the foreword written by our first PGA Tour switch putter Roger Maltbie. 
In 1992 we gave a switch-putting clinic to the Stanford golf team. A couple of months later, Notah Begay asked us to teach him how to switch putt.
 About a year later Switch-putter Notah Begay led the Stanford golf team to the 1994 NCAA championship.
Putting both left and righthanded, he set the NCAA Championship record of 10 under par 62. He made 9 birdie putts of 10 ft. or longer.
 He also switch-putted his way to a 13 under par 59 for the Nike [] Tour record. His switch-putting also propelled him to four PGA tour wins in an eleven-month span. [ 2000-2001] 


Switch-putting has been proven by multiple golfers at every level of the game of golf, up to and including the PGA tour.

Switch-putting has been proven to be not only extremely effective but is also an incredibly fun method for putting your golf ball. 

"Nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come" -  Victor Hugo



Our  "Magic 18", "Sweet 16," and our 2015 models have a traditional flat bottom with cambered ends. [pictured below] When you set up correctly with the Magic putter it sits flat on the green. This is because every Magic Putter is custom-fitted to the customers' specifications. 

The double sight line model [shown below] has been proven to be especially helpful to players with alignment issues. They are available on our new black "Magic 18" [$249]

The double sight line model is also available on our 2013 model at a discounted price. $169




comble Tiger Diagram cap



  1. The Magic Putter is an extremely versatile high quality switch putter
  2. Two sided Magic Putter:  Perfect for right-handed / Perfect for left-handed  
  3. Computer balanced Magic Putter head w/ dual precision CNC milled putter faces  
  4. Heel & Toe weighting: Maximum forgiveness on off center hits for consistent distance control
  5. Gravity assisted alignment: Short putts become automatic
  6. Stealth putter cover with Magic putter Logo: Simple/functional putter cover



“The world is full of magic things,
patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”


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